Pop espagnole : l'impressionnante playlist

// 01/08/2016

Par Benjamin Schoos

Santi, de l’excellent label Green Ufos, nous a concocté une impressionnante playlist spotify qui condense en 77 titres et 4 heures 19 minutes toute l’histoire de la pop espagnole.

Santi : "Spanish pop music like any other music in the planet has a notable influence from anglo scene... but I think we definitively have our touch, maybe is a cliché but we have a special "joie de vivre", we've sun out most of the days and people is in the streets, so this has to have an influence in the music Spanish pop bands do. Of course flamenco has a notable influence in pop music also, overall in Andalucia, but also in pop styles like rumba. When flamenco meets rock and pop music wonderful things like this with Camaroncan happen, also horrible things. The "copla" is another style that has incredible lyrics and singers over the years in Spain, and maybe is not very well known for people that not understand Spanish, songs like "Ojos verdes" by Concha Piquer are monuments."

What are the influences of spanish pop music through ages ?

Santi: It depends on the moment, of course English pop music has a big influence in bands in the sixties, in the seventies flamenco and progressive rock has a great influence in pop music, in the eighties, punk and new wave...

Did the spanish music changes a lot after Franco ?

Santi: Everybody talks about "la movida" in Madrid like something that happens like a consequence of the democracy. There were an explosion of liberty that has their consequences in music. But the country had already opened its boundaries with the explosion of tourism in the sixties and seventies. And lots of Spanish people traveling (work or pleasure) abroad.

- Which period in spanish pop music was the most attractive ? 70 ? 80 ? 90 ?

Santi: The most interesting things happened in the late 70's and early 80's.

- How is the spanish pop scene look today ?

Santi: This answer can make me look older than I am, but it is not even a shadow of what was. It's not very exciting, we have some good bands, but nothing exceptional. Many thanks



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