The Balearic Hunter's Record Bag #16

// 10/02/2015

Par The Balearic Hunter

Ce mois-ci Le Balearic Hunter vous propose un sélection tout à tour Jazz, Prog, Dub, Soul, Cosmique, Disco, Synthétique et Électronique. En somme, largement de quoi passer une journée sonique agréable.


This month The Balearic Hunter provides you with a selection that is alternately Jazz, Prog, Dub, Soul, Cosmic, Disco, Synthetic and Electronic. More than enough sonic goodness to help you make it through the day.

Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee (constellation)

Golden Teacher Meets Denis "Dubmaster" Bovell At The Green Door (Optimo Music)

Inoue Shirabe - You Don't Know My Lightcycle (Antinote)

Social Lovers - Enjoy The Ride (Cherries Records)

Mirror People - I need your love (Nos Discos)

Vakula - Voyage To Arcturus (LELEKA)

Jean-Pierre Decerf - SPACE ODDITIES 1975-1978 (Born Bad Records)

Rodion G.A. - Behind The Curtain (BBE)

Jasmine Guffond - Yellow Bell (Sonic Pieces)

VHS Dreams - Bodywork (Video Void Remix)



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